Estancia South

A  Buddhist  themed place where you can meditate , but enjoy the romantic areas as well. more in

la galerie

A little place where neom Grut exhibits some of his art. It's beautiful inside as outside. A little treasure .


A place  to enjoy the art, surrounded by snow and ice. “The first rule of ICETOPIA is to touch everything. The second rule is to enjoy and have fun. The third rule is to toss out all the rules.” “Night mare” by Bryn Oh ” The lovers are born in the division of a single …

Native Althea

Breath a bit of  the spirit of native americans in this beautiful place. You can explore it walking camly, riding a horse, or by canoe. You will find around bears, wolfs, eagles... Discover it yourself . Sare Ethaniel

Cyracuse – Sicilis Civitas

A travel through the time. Visit Cyracuse, inspired in the most important greek  city in Sicilia. There is a TP in the entrance  to explore around. Good trip :)