Bang! Finds #1

Pixel Box has 2 group gifts!: PIXEL BOX - Necklace Steampunk Octopus treasure (b) - Free group gift joining shop group (group free to join) PIXEL BOX - Necklace Dreamcatcher Classic mesh avatar (b) - Free group gift for TeleportHub group (free to join)   NOTE: Image of Dreamcatcher Necklace is mirrored.

Indigenous Cultures – Immersive Exhibition – Opening April 9 2017, 5pm SLT

After 10 years at the head of Mystic Academy, the largest spiritual group in Second Life with more than 2500 Members, Dragon Shichiroji and Venus Kaur its founders, have decided to challenge themselves with a new artistic and educational project that surpasses Any creation they have made so far. Together with a group of enthusiastic …