2k180302 Featuring Darkfire


Original mesh clothing and accessories


Some days ago I had the great honor of being admitted as an official blogger for DarkFire, and I really love Angel’s creations. Unfortunately things got a little complicated in RL and until today I have not been able to devote some time to make my first post. So today I want welccome and introduce the brand to our friends/readers.



I have been thinking a lot because I wanted to do a decent job, but I was not feeling satisfied with the ideas that were coming. It’s funny, how sometimes the improvised and intuitive is the best, at least in my case.



Since the very first moment I’d try on this cute outfit from Dark Fire, I felt the glamour that it transmits, and I think I finally got it all together in an fresh and original look, perfect for a cool evening out.


I recommend take a look at DarkFire, for this and other of their amazing creations, sure you will not regret.





  • Lipstick: Opulein – Helena Lipstick CATWA ~ The Avenue March 2018 ~open~
  • Heels: [BREATHE]-Aiko Heels-M.LARA-Pale Rose ~Arcade past Sept 2017~
  • Bag: :[P]:- Amy Rose Bag [Down Hold]:// Angel ~TCF past may 2017 *aniversary gift*
  • Chocker: :BAMSE: Old Choker – Princess Heart RARE ~Cosmopolitan past Feb 2018~
  • Hairtram G1113 hair / HUD-B @ mainstore

Decor/scene setting:

  • Ottoman: Glam Ottoman by creator Ria (ria.bazar) owner of Bazar quality home and furniture @ mainstore
  • Puppy: *[Black Bantam] i <3 puppy bun ~Arcade March 2018 ~open~
  • Dahlia – Piper’s Handbag Gacha – Perfume & Lipgloss .06 ~Pocket Gacha past Jan 2018~
  • Dahlia – Piper’s Handbag Gacha – Phone & Keys .03 ~Pocket Gacha past Jan 2018~


bang! feat darkfire


2k180301: featuring PE -PreCAST Inc. Event-


March begins and brings us a lot of newness!, so I’ve decided keep calm and don’t panic! *smiles*  (*1)

A lot of events will make us crazy around, I know, but I would recomend to make some time and take a look to PreCAST Inc. Event, a new brand event which begins today and will run through March 15th. I think it is a great ocasion to discover some creators designers that you maybe not heard about: (*2)

PE2Snapshot_050 (2) teaser 2.jpg

PF | HJM Designs | Dreamland Design | Loki | Cystal | [DC] Dragoria Creation | [Amania] Design | ShitStorm Tattos | Sage | Enigma Apparel | Dreamcatcher | Sterni´s Nail design | .EscalateD. | Jupiter Store | anny´s Fashion  | Tiar | #Cranked# | REZZ ROOM | [Clever Language] | WitchCraft | Melis Crazy Shop | Just for Fuck | The little Bat | crazy.sexy | Haven Poses | Emerald Couture | [Amania] Poses | BlackCat | Sexy Princess|



I’ve been checking and trying on some of the amazing things I’ve find there, lucky Revo was around to hold me doing a big mess! So fun, this pose from one of the creators HAVEN POSES, and the really sexy body I’m wearing is from Sexy Princess.






At the event you may find everything from shapeslike this Darla Bento for Catya, made by Clever Language, poses, fashion and decor items, also gifts and even gacha.

Don’t miss to visit it!


More items that I am wearing:

Pic 1: Outfit -Warmers, pants and top- by PF *PreCast Inc. Fashion* and shape Darla by Clever Language

Pic 2: Sport outfit Rina -panties and top- by Cranked and warmers by PF


PE INFO:  T A X I  /  website  /  Facebook / Flickr /


2k17Dec2: Bang! recommends December Delights

[Monarchs] December Delights

I am really impatient and excited because today is the premiere of the new show of the company The Monarchs.
A few months ago Revo invited me to see their show Atlantis Rising, and I was so amazed and impressed that I decided to write an article about them, unfortunately it was not possible for me, so now I will not let this new opportunity pass.
For those who don’t know them, The Monarchs is a dance company (although this simple description does not merit what is really the full set of their shows), which was founded in 2016 by Royal Shippe, Diiar Vader Shippe and Myth Raven. They decided to try this experience on their own after dancing on stages in other troupes.
Their first show was called Adventures from Lost Island, and it was created for Fantasy Faire 2016, as Diiar kindly explains me.
Star Wars: Untold Stories, a 6 months simwide variety-type show inspired by the Star Wars franchise at LEA; Imagine Too! -another variety-type show where they included things like Mulan, Jurassic Parc, Mary Poppins and Alice in Wonderland-  also in LEA sim; and a number of stage designs and collaborations with live singers for the very last Avi Choice Awards were other of their creations along 2016.

After such a busy year, The Monarchs decided to move to their own sim and inaugurated it in February 2017 with the show Dead men’s tale. A Pirate adventure. And also scheduled in their sim Draco Eternum, a show created for this year’s Fantasy Faire. They have done also 2 regular stage shows, one for Firestorm and another as part of a charity.
Their last 2 shows, which are the ones I had the pleasure to enjoy myself and that I’ll let talk themselves throught the pics, were really wonderful; and that is that The Monarchs is not just a dance company, nor its shows a simple ballet, but it is an amazing set of things well made and synchronized, put together exquisitely to form the most refined watchmaking work. From the stories that relate through the different acts of dance, choreography, costumes, special effects, music chosen and fitted to perfection, the monumental work of construction, landscaping and staging, and even the way of moving to the spectators from one stage to another throughout the play, can not but make us feel part of it, leave us all with our mouths open and make us stand up from the seats to clap until raging.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

From here I strongly recommend that you do everything possible to see this new work, I’m sure you will not be disappointed.

Is a MUST!

December 15th, 9pm // 16th, 3pm // 20th, 7pm

Taxi to The Monarchs


2k17Dec1: Winter postcards


It’s funny how this approaching time of year seems to fill our spirits with joy, magic, color and love.

Today I wanted dress our place with a bit of this magic, and I went to visit one of my favorite events where I found my inspiration seed to make this pic as winter postcard.

Decor & scene:

  • Bee designs Winter Garden set 2 @ The Liaison Collaborative
  • ANHELO-T04RD-17CGA :: christmas 2017 (red)
  • dust bunny . woodland dreams . rosey suitcase (old gacha item)


  • an lar [poses] The Artemis Series @ The Liaison Collaborative


  • Blueberry – The Cutieberry – Cardigan & Dress (Tight) Maitreya
  • Hair – Wasabi // Sloane Mesh Hair @ Arcade

2k17Nov2: Deco *Seasonal corner*


Fall in love

Revo and me decided remake our home and make it with calm all ours. He kindly allows me to mess around with my ideas, and I have to thank him for being so patient with all the moving stuff always in middle… I guess I have nothing of an organized person ^^

But bit a bit the place comes having some corners finished, and we are so proud and happy with the results. We had the idea to make one of the corners inside our house a seasonal corner, where we’ll be changing scene along the year. I had the privilege to build our first, Fall corner. And here I want share it, and tips for the items I used.

I had so much fun, digging in inv, mixing and messing… and I wish you like the result.


For decor:

CJ Creations: CJ Harvest Gardenbasket with Pumpkins + Flowers + pretty Cat,

CJ Creations: CJ Creations Gift 0 L / Harvest or Halloween + Couple Pumpkin

Dust Bunny: dust bunny . harvest . haybale

[Krescendo]: [Kres] Fall in Love – 7 (past gacha item)

HPMD: HPMD* Halloween Scarecrow A (Group Gift)

Moon Amore: :Moon Amore: Flying Leafs (addme or rexxme)

*Note: Some of the items used in the scene have been rescued from my inv, and they may not be available at this moment, I’m sorry if it’s the case.



2k17Nov1 *Look & Decor*


Having a look at new round of Whimsical event I found some inspiration seed and made up this look and fun scene back to school days.



This slideshow requires JavaScript.


For outfit:

  • Socks: =Zenith=Garters socks (Pink) -Maitreya – *Collabor 88 Nov 2016*
  • Hair: Tableau Vivant \\ Elle hair – Balyage – Collabor 88 Sept 2017*
  • Dress: Hazy. MIMI Look. RARE B – *Gacha item @ Whimsical Nov 2017* -> Item on sell at Nette’s fleas market @ Marketplace -Limited to 1 item-
  • Horns: Hazy. MIMI Look. Horn 4 – *Gacha item @ Whimsical Nov 2017*
  • Glasses: .random.Matter. – Rose Glasses – Silver – *N21 Oct 2017*


  • An Lar

For decor:

  • ionic : Phone and stuff [Physics] – *Chapter Four Sept 2017* -> Item on sell at Nette’s fleas market @ Marketplace -Limited-
  • ionic : Notes from College [Psychology] – *Chapter Four Sept 2017* -> Item on sell at Nette’s fleas market @ Marketplace -Limited-
  • ionic : Laptop , coffee and notes – RARE – *Chapter Four Sept 2017*
  • ionic : Food Taper [Sandwich] – *Chapter Four Sept 2017* -> Item on sell at Nette’s fleas market @ Marketplace -Limited-
  • ionic : College desk (A) – *Chapter Four Sept 2017* -> Item on sell at Nette’s fleas market @ Marketplace -Limited-
  • ionic : College desk (B) – *Chapter Four Sept 2017* -> Item on sell at Nette’s fleas market @ Marketplace -Limited-
  • ionic : College board – *Chapter Four Sept 2017*
  • ionic : Notes from College [Architecture] – *Chapter Four Sept 2017*
  • Kalopsia – Emily’s Hanging Planter – *The Chapter Four -3rd Aniversary round 2016- -> Item on sell at Nette’s fleas market @ Marketplace -Limited-
  • Di’Cor Aliana Planter – from Aliana set – Fameshed July 2016
  • Sway’s [Shutter] Notice Board . wood -past item-