May 21, 2018 – June 6, 2018 all-day
Second Life

N°21 INFO.

N°21 Is hosted by the owners of REIGN. and is exclusively an invite only event.

We will take applications but we will invite only 21 stores who we feel best suit our event to participate.

N°21 Will begin on the 21st of each month and run for exactly 21 days.

There will never be a theme for N°21.  The sky is the limit.  We want to see what you can do, and so does the rest of the grid!

Hair, shoes, clothes, furniture, body modifications, etc are all welcome!

**Every Three Months N°21 hosts our Exclusive round, For this round each Designer will be making an item (pattern, color pack, special limited version) for their exclusive. This item will never again be sold the same way as it appears in the exclusive round of the event.**

Teleport to Nº21


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