Moya’s House at The Lavender Field

May 17, 2018 – June 30, 2018 all-day
Second Life

“Feed a Smile” at Lavender Field in Second Life – is a long-standing charity venue in Second Life.
Live concerts (live stream) with a variety of different genres, art exhibitions and much more …
Definitely worth a look.

Everything is done under the slogan: Feed a Smile. All donations will be used to provide extra food to LLK children in Kenya (more than 100,000 meals have already been funded this way). Donation boards are also set up for the school construction during certain events. Since Second Life knows no borders, people from all over the world meet here.

Patrick Moya (Moya.janus):

French artist
Born in 1955 in Troyes, with parents of Spanish descent, Patrick Moya was educated at the «Villa Arson» (school of fine arts) in Nice, before posturing nude as a model during ten years, with the hope to «become the creature instead of

french contemporary art, painting, sculpture

This time at Feed a smile’s island The Lavender Field: Moya’s House

Teleport to Moya’s House


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