Equal10 Event

June 10, 2018 – July 5, 2018 all-day
Second Life
MiaJolina / Neveril / Faullon


From 10th to 5th of each Month

65 Designers

equal10 is a monthly vibrant shopping Event that features Second Life´s most talented favorite designers and promising newcomers in an original typical vaporwave/synthwave ambience.

The remark of  equal10 is the equal split of the male and female item variety  by 10+

The unique self-customized design of the location, which was  created by the talented founder of the Second Life brand “RAMA”, will make you feel like you have been teleported into a video game from the 80´s.

Another remarkable concept of equal10 are the teleboard boards which are placed on both ends of the middle spot booths, to make the customer shopping experience lag free,quick and easy.

High Quality Designers where specific selected for this event.

equal10 features each month:

° +10 Male Clothing Designers

° +10 Female Clothing Designers

°5 Female Hair Designers

°5 Male Hair Designers

° 1 – 3  Female Skin Designer

° 1 – 3 Male Skin Designer

° 1 – 3 Make Up Creator

° 1 Dance Creator

° 1 Pose Designer

° 2 Accessoire Designers

° +5 Furniture/Decor Designer

equal10  is highly based on organization, our visitors will have an easy and comfortable shopping experience.


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