Bang! Bulletin Raffle – June 15th to 22nd

On June 22nd about 2 pm SLT we will announce the winner of our 1st Bang! Bulletin Raffle!


What is the prize?: This time I choiced to give away a cute item. It is the “Miwa’s airship# Greenhouse RARE”. There is only 1 prize, packed in its original box that I’ll give to the Raffle winner once we’ll make public the name.



The Item is the green house Rare that you can see at the left side of this image. -not includes other items shown on the pic-



When?: You have from today until next Fridat June 22nd at 1:59 pm SLT to join the Raffle. At 2 pm SLT the list of participants will be closed and we’ll make the raffle, picking out one of the names that will be the winner of the prize. We’ll contact the winner inworld to give them the prize after publish the name.

How to join the raffle?: The raffle is only valid in SL, in order to participate, you might have a valid SL account, and join Bang! Bulletin suscriber inworld, which you can do at Bang! Bulletin HQ or in any other of the other locations where our interactive panel is rezed, that are listed below. You can subscribe/participate once per account, from today June 15th, and be subscribed on June 22nd 2 pm SLT when I’ll take a list from the system and make the raffle. Everybody who joined the suscribo before today, will be included in the raffle, no need to join it again.


This is the panel you’ll have to join, just touching where it says “Subscribe”

*Locations to join the suscriber:

*I will add if there are many locations where to join along the week. You don’t need to visit all, just choice one of the places, all them are conected to the system, although we encourage to visit our friends places. <3


And this is all! Welcome to the new friends joining us, we wish you stay together with Bang! Bulletin to share more things coming and grow with us… and good luck with the raffle!

nette – Bang! Bulletin






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