The Whale


Owner/s: Till (tilbil) & G (gregghaas)

Active since: beginning 2011

Type of activity: “Urban Town SIM set in the English 1970’s”; roleplay, New Age, Hippies, Biker, realistic, photograph, scenic, sewer, weather, weapons, sex, criminal, peaceful, violent, naturalistic, freedom, naturally, homeless, snobs, cults, rent.

Description / Info:

The Town SInchester SIM is intended to be a realistic host for urban roleplay, set in the 70’ties in the lower west of England. This era saw the rise of New Age spirituals/cults, Hippies and Biker subculture as well as the tension created with conservatives, all of which will be featured in the SIM

Players are free to engage in any behavior that is considered fair (no grieving, god-nodding and meta-gaming), realistic and consistent with the era and the location. This applies to vehicles, clothing, language and weapons etc…

The overall ethos is to give room for players (or visiting people) to develop their own roleplay/concepts or groups and make for an environment that allows diversity: Rich, poor, law-abiding, criminal, peaceful, violent, naturalistic, combat- or naturally roleplay orientated… the only condition is; to aim for a best possible consistency with the era and the location.

Inworld Group:
The Whale: secondlife:///app/group/6679073d-0fce-cc2c-e522-2d4f89e0b7bf/about
Join fee: Free

Rez in location: Allows rez: Photographers are welcome, in case they don’t want to join the group just ask for the right to rez your objects. – Only Group


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