Museum Island

Museum Island

Owner/s: John Noone

Active since: 2008

Type of activity: Art, Culture and special events.

Description / Info: Museum Island is a didactic sim designed by Carlolello Zapatero (nickname of Mr Carmine Lillo) with 3D replicas of the world’s richest architectural and historical landmarks of the Mediterranean.
The use of voice is welcomed to give explanations and/or participating in cultural conversations all around the spaces of the island.
We welcome all Second Life residents, especially historians, schools/universities professors and students. Very welcomed all architects, designers, virtual travelers and metaverse tourists, as well as models, photographers and passionate people to visit and spend time at the sim rounded by different culture and civilizations vestiges.
We can organize for you (or you can arrange by yourself for other participants just advising us) a guided tour or you can choose to visit the opened museum freely; walking or using our pads in the sim. There are many beautiful places here and you can stay as long as you like!
We also try to help artists and performers hosting them in special events and we share our sim for weddings.

Inworld Group:
Museum Island Friends: secondlife:///app/group/a984b2cc-1688-d267-2f14-ed86b40bde66/about
Join fee: Free

Rez in location: Not allowed, but possible contacting owner if needed.


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