20180406: Rush grab them before are gone!


I hope you don’t think I’m impolite to give you back, but is need to show from both sides the new body suit Keren, created by our sponsor Sexy Princess as exclusive for the Redeux Event (April 14 to 21).

It’s made in 12 textures, leather and latex, so wear how you like more. I realy love the heart cutted on back.

For these pics I messed on the FOXCITY. Photo Booth – Rose Bathroom, and Secret Poses – Lola Stool.

Hair and boots are same for the 2 outfits, will be listed at the end.




Second but not less rawr creation from Sexy Princess, is again a very cute bodysuit, called Elleria, and made also exclusive for another event: Event The Guest List Cart Sale that will end next Sunday April 22, so if you want grab it run before it goes! -smiles-.

This time I used FOXCITY. Photo Booth – Blank Minds, pose also from Foxcity, Steamy 4, and I made up scene with a few more items.



Outfits and complements:

  • Sexy Princess, Keren Bodysuit by Lacrima Angeles (tears4anangel) newconner @  Redeux Event (April 14 to 21).
  • Sexy Princess, Elleria Bodysuit by Lacrima Angeles (tears4anangel) newconner  @ Event The Guest List Cart Sale (April 13 to 22)
  • Hair pr!tty – May by mouse (karla.marama) (collected at The Chapter Four May 2017) @ mainstore.mainstore
  • Boots [Gos] Rihanna Perforated Boots – Spring (Group gift, free & free to join) by Gos (gospel.voom) newconnermainstore.

Decor and props:

  • Backdrop 1 FOXCITY. Photo Booth – Rose Bathroom by Satomi Masukami @ mainstore.
  • Backdrop 2 FOXCITY. Photo Booth – Blank Minds by Satomi Masukami @ mainstore.
  • Stool & pose Secret Poses – Lola Stool by Dana (sweetdaniellee) newconner @ The Darkness Monthly Event (April 5th to 28th).
  • Rug Cosette – Luxury Rug black by Titania Halasy @ mainstore.
  • Curtain Stockholm&Lima: Daydream Curtain by ѕуяυρ ωαn кєnσвι (surrealia.anatine)  @ mainstore.
  • Lights [ keke ] light bubbles . unstringed by ᴋᴇᴀɴ ᴋᴇʟʟʏ (kean.kelly) collected at Uber March 2018 @ mainstore.
  • Pose Foxcity, Steamy 4 by Satomi Masukami @ mainstore.






20180405: Ready to put some magic in your life?

Please, allow me to sit down for a moment to regain strength and contemplate the path that will guide us to a wonderful adventure that is about to begin.

There is very little time left for Fantasy Faire 2018 to open its doors (April 19 to 29) to a world full of fantasy and magic, which is well worth a visit, both because of the wonderful scenery with which this year, once again, the numerous events and celebrations might surprise us, and of course, all the creations of the fantastic designers, many of them exclusive for this event, which as you know will be part of the events of Relay for Life in Second Life and for the benefit of the American Cancer Society.
I feel very happy and proud to be part of the team of official bloggers this year, although I have never participated in role plays, roll games, and other similar activities and I do not know much about them, I can say that I have always been a dreamer, and I suppose that it is correct to say that dreamers are one of the main dwellers of fantasy realms. That’s why it seems that this year will be special for me, experiencing Fantasy Fair from this side, and sharing stories and experiences with everyone who wants to read them.


fantasy faire_096

So I’d put on my more comfy shoes, my reporter uniform which I have chosen from the last creations of my dear sponsor Darkfire Creations, the Eryn Shorts ad Tied up Top, my hat and intan camera, and I fast head out into this exciting trip.

First thing that catches my attention is one of the creations that one of the designers participating in the faire will be ofering and hum wait… I know I am a lot of a dummie for such things, but ehm… I was not sure I was understanding what this is, and I got really so curious about, so I got to contact the creator asking for some more info, which he so kindly sent me… so I really feel this deserves a bit more of explaining… dunno, maybe now I am really showing out my ignorance, which I am not ashamed ’cause it’s something that has solution always -smiles-, but… woah! what if a few of you, like me, never even heard of this in SL and you like to know and give it a try?. Meh.. ok, sorry… I’m always so enthusiastic with new games… and this is really one! The Tabletop from  /studioDire/. So I’d open the note that Remnant sent as support and help to my curious mind, and read what it is -searches the note to share-:

What is /studioDire/ Tabletop?

Essentially, what is in the /studioDire/ Tabletop – Gamemaster Kit and Player Kit is a skeleton to flesh out. A framework to build on. An empty canvas for players and storytellers to paint a world of their own choosing. I’ve tried to make it as broad as possible so that no matter what pen and paper roleplaying game one would like to play, whether that’s Dungeons and Dragons, Pathfinder, Shadowrun, even Vampire the Masquerade or Call of Cthulu, it can be played with these kits and even be adapted for a particular group’s homebrew rules instead of being stuck with hardcoded restrictions.

Ok, there is some more… but I guess you’ll get an idea, as I did, and I really think this may be kind of a fun. So I’d read also about the components of the game, like dices, Cardboard Miniatures, 3D miniatures that come with the tabletop… and I’d open the box to let the treasure out!. Hum back to Remnant’s words:

I’m also making 3D miniatures like the Otterkin Hunters, that work with the Gamemaster Kit’s Map Board. Every Tabletop miniature comes scripted with a wide variety of functions that do far more than just move it around the board. A mage miniature can be made to glow when it’s powering up a spell. A monster that’s gone in to a berserker rage can be colored to show this. A player that’s been poisoned can have the skull and crossbones symbol hovering over them. Even more is possible but those are just examples, and each group can make their own rules as to what represents what.

-Looks around and yays!- I got my personal guide to begin my travel into Fantasy Faire!! Peeps, please… Meet Tim, the Otterkin Hunter, and follow us in our aventure. -Rides on her bicycle and starts the travel, thinking on how fun it is, they look something like nette Quijote and Sancho Hunter…

fantasy faire_030

As we follow the path, I want show you other great creations that you’ll find at Fantasy Faire, Bad Katz has set up some amazing decor items that may work perfectly in your forest and garden:

fantasy faire_021

In this post I also used another item from Fantasy Faire, this time is the exclusive creation made by Harshlands for the event, the [HL] Skeleton Avatar – Star Gazer, I love the purple glowing color, so fancy.

 And with this I’m ending this preview to a few of the numerous wonders that Fantasy Faire will bring us through April 19 to 29, set in your agenda a visit, I’m sure you will not regret.

If you want check on more and full pictures, as always, take a look at my Flickr gallery.




Outfits and Accesories 1:

  • DarkFire Eryn Shorts and Tied up Top by Angel Darkfire newconner @ Mainstore
  • Glasses .random.Matter. – Rose Glasses – Silver by 슬기 sᴇᴜʟɢɪ (nikohl.hax) (collected at N21 Oct 2017) @ Mainstore
  • Hair [monso] My Hair – Saeko /Mixed by Morphine Janick (collected at Fameshed May 2017) @ Mainstore
  • Bicycle (Attached) brocante. beach cruiser gacha / teal by Tegan Serin (collected at Arcade June 2017) @ Mainstore
  • Hat – Disorderly+Moon Amore/Daisy Dream/ Daisy Hat / PINK -Gacha Item- by Rσgυє Hιтєη (rogue.falconer) newconner   @ Bloom April 15 to 30
  • Shoes – Pure Poison – Tip-Toes Sneakers – Pastel2 by Shaleene Kenin (collected at The Arcade June 2017) & Pety Galaxy (pety.galaxy) @ Mainstore
  • Camera – Sweet Thing. Instapic Camera by Aya (ayashula) newconner  @ kustom9 April 15 to May 10
  • Makeup –  {Imeka} Sweet Make Up CATWA 2 Eyeshadows, blush and lips by NatiWilliams newconner @ Blush March 28 to April 25

Outfit 2:

  • [HL] Skeleton Avatar – Star Gazer – FF X Exclusive by Kadaj Yoshikawa newconner  soon @ Fantasy Faire 2018 opens on April 19th

Decor and Props:

  • Backdrop – KraftWork The Book of Dreams by NODNOL Jameson @ Mainstore
  • Bad Katz Mossy Tortoise by Katz Republic  newconner  soon @ Fantasy Faire 2018 opens on April 19th
  • Bad Katz Bad Katz Sitting Fairy 3 by Katz Republic  newconner  soon @ Fantasy Faire 2018 opens on April 19th
  • Bad Katz Bad Katz Fantasy Fountain Kit by Katz Republic  newconner  soon @ Fantasy Faire 2018 opens on April 19th
  • Bad Katz Bad Katz Sleeping Nymph 2-RFL by Katz Republic  newconner  soon @ Fantasy Faire 2018 opens on April 19th
  • /studioDire/ Tabletop – Otterkin Hunters – Type Zero by Remnant Ashbourne   newconner  soon @ Fantasy Faire 2018 opens on April 19th
  • Poses Foxcity by Satomi Masukami @ Mainstore

20180405 Ready to put some magic in your life



20180404: Mexic


Hello everybody!. This time I want introduce a new section we’ll have from now on. I’ve decide call it Bang! Code, and it comes from a game that Babs and me found out we are enjoying so much.


Many times my mind works like a puzzle maker. It gets ideas as images that are like little piezes of a big mess (grins) and then there comes the fun, trying to put all them together and make a whole thing.


In the worst of my creative process, I would tell Babs “Mom, I got a puzzle…” and she that loves so much decorating, runs to help put pieces and bits filling the mess. I think we are kind of a great team working together! Well, at least we have a lot of fun.


So this is what came out when I said “Code: Mexic!”, and I begun throwing around pieces from my inventory, and Babs came with some more.

Both of us put drops here and there… and voilà!



I hope you enjoy this little travel to the rural Mexic!

The whole pics on flickr

Location: our own parcel


06) Zinnias Aztec cactus Pot
Zinnias Tall enamelled candlestick
Zinnias Sitting Chicken
Zinnias Solaria Summer Shelf
Zinnias Vintage Poster-Xochimilco
Zinnias Majolica Bowl of Eggs
Zinnias Mexican Nicho Vintage Madonna – fixed!
Zinnias Solaria Ochre Ladder
Zinnias Saguaro Cactus
10) Zinnias Engraved Cactus Bowl
Zinnias Decorative Guitar
Zinnias Pecking Chicken dark
Zinnias La Hacienda Funky Armchair
Zinnias Ojala Umbrella
Zinnias Saguaro Cactus
Zinnias Emerald Garland
Zinnias Ruby Garland w/ shadow
Zinnias “Verano” Draped Ceiling Decor – Summer
Zinnias Ojala Lacquered Hall Stand
Zinnias Lomita Candle Lantern azul
Zinnias Lomita Candle Lantern chili
Zinnias Dia de los Muertos Skull

ionic : Tinaja by lakua Arriaga
ionic : Huevos, cebollas, cazos y ollas by lakua Arriaga
ionic : Puerta al jardin (2) by lakua Arriaga
ionic : Fuente de Primavera
ionic : Campanario

[Merak] – Drying Chillies
[Merak] – Hanging Garlic
[Merak] – Flying curtain 1
[Merak] – Flying curtain 2
[Merak] – Garden Escape

4.Sese – Farm Market – White egg carton box by Stella Sangria
10.Sese – Farm Market – Hen with cage by Stella Sangria
11.Sese – Farm Market – Chicks with cage by Stella Sangria

  • {vespertine} by m o c h i. (amelie.knelstrom) @ mainstore:

succulent terrarium / type 1
bubble succulent terrarium / type 2

Stone Ruins Path – Little Curve
Stone Ruins Path – U-Turn

small spaces kitchen
wood stove . white

Nona’s Succulent Orange
Wellies. Warm Pack

Oasis Bloom – Succulent Planter

Goat – Mesh – Full Perm

Cactus Full perm – 1LI


Mail box – Green

  • GA UNI by Amélie Lacroix (amberly.boccaccio) @ mainstore:

13. Petite Cuisine – Stove -old gacha at The chapter four Nov ’17

*AF* Log Planter – Mixed Succulents by Art (artizanmesh) item collected at The Imaginarium Sept ’17

  • .:Bee Designs:. by Bee Caudron Law (bee.caudron) @ main store:

Viva Mexico! Gacha Mexican doll-Sitting – item collected at Sanarae August ’17

24_8f8 – New Beginnings – Pottery Shelf -gacha item-

LONG GRASS * Wild Sword * Scattered * TransMod 12

WildGrasses -green- c

LB_RainbowTree{Animated}4Seasons  (2)

Bicycle Red + Milk Bottles Crate COMMON -gacha item

  • Myth by Shay McAuley

Myth – Gardenbed Daisies (Gift) – group gift at Redeux April 2018 (free to join)

  • JIAN by JIAN (jiansl) @ store:

JIAN Playtime Piglets 7. Pink Wanderer – gacha item olt Arcade Sept 2017

20180403: PreCast April last days

PreCast April round is near to close! If you did not visit it yet, I woul recomend to do, and take a look at the nice creations you’ll find. There you’ll see not only fashion and accesories, but also some home&decor items. Like this backdrop from #CRANKED# & Cerise Store.

#Cranked# Backdrop Pool


Showing in picture Star lashes for Catwa from Unnie and the *CST* Liquorice Lipstick [shimmer] CATWA,

Outfits and decor:

DD Midnight Roses Chair set and AnaSTyle – Droxene Black  outfit, fitted for Maitreya, Belleza and Slink, which comes with Top, Skirt, Boots and slip and stockings appliers for Maitreya and Omega.

More decor items from %Percent Furniture & Lighting, the Alexis lamp and John mirror dresser, comes in several wood and metal options to personalize and fit your space.

And last for today, but not less important, I want share the amazing gacha set that ..:OA – M.E.O::.. made for this round:



From PreCast Inc Event:

  • #Cranked# Pool Backdrop (Pic 1)
  • Unnie – Babe Lashes (Stars) CATWA (Pic 2)
  • *CST* Liquorice Lipstick [shimmer] CATWA (Pic 2)
  • AnaSTyle – Droxene Black  outfit (Pic 3)
  • DreamLand Designs – DD Midnight Roses Chair  (Pic 3)
  • %Percent Furniture & Lighting – John Mirror Dresser (Pic 4)
  • %Percent Furniture & Lighting – Alexis Lamp (multi) (Pic 4)
  • ..::OA – M.E.O::.. Hydrangeas – GroupGift
  • ..::OA – M.E.O::.. – Forgotten Source Gacha – #2, #8, #16 & #17 (special prize 20 plays)


  • Hair:  Doe: Emma – Indecisive @ The seasons story Spring 2018 – April 10, 2018 – April 30, 2018
  • Necklace: Lazuri Perllina Necklace-1
  • Vagabond – Pearl’s Mobile – Decor @ Collabor 88 August 2015
  • Vagabond – Pearl’s Birdie Cage – Decor @ Collabor 88 August 2015
  • World Map Wall Decor * CHEZ MOI @ Shiny Shabby January 2018

Remember, don’t miss visit it before it ends on April 16th!!

2k180402: Not lust, but LOVE.



I think SL is for most of us an empty canvas where we can free our creativity and inner in a safe environment which allows us to experience, discover an enjoy things that we maybe would not in our reals, due to several and personal reasons.

That is what I mostly feel when creating my photos. I try to just look in my inner and find what an item inspires in my inner, and then try to bring it out expressing freely… but always with love.

This today is what inspired me this outfit from our new sponsor Sexy Princess. and for sure that is, sexy as hell. Breathless bodysuit comes fitted for Maitreya and Hourglass also the platforms included, rigged and nonrigged versions.

As always my pics are not edited, just playing a bit with windlight and firestorm filtres while taking, them so the creations look so real as you’ll see them inworld.

Credits:2k180402 Not lust, but LOVE

  • Hair:

*ARGRACE* YURA – Coppers

  • Outfit:

Body Suit and Platforms –  [Sexy Princess] Breathless Bodysuit

Pasties – ~Nerido~ Limba Pasties (Maitreya)-Gold/White

  • Scene:

Paparazzi – BACKDROP – Love Scene 1

  • Poses:

FOXCITY. Bad Kitty Bento and Melancholy Bento



2k180401: I wish you were here – PE event new round!


PreCAST Inc. Event new round opens today and I’m glad to can feature a few of the nice creations you’ll find this month.

Running April 1st to 15th and with #CODE:BLACK, our designers all have set up their amazing work that you can visit, and pick your favorites.

Today I choiced this outfit made by Melis Crazy Shop, and the hair from ScalateD.

The designers participating this round are:

EscalateD | PF – PRECAST Inc. Fashion | REZZROOM | Emerald Couture | Melis Crazy Shop| %Percent Furniture & Lighting | OA – M.E.O | Finale Couture | Crazy.Sexy | Dreamland Design | PRECAST Inc. | RealGem´s | [Amania] Design | ShitStorm Tattoos | #Cranked# | OH PAIR ! | MistiQ | Enigma Apparel | Tiar | Unnie | Latex Lux | GIULIADESIGN | :{MV}: | zOOm | AnaStyle |

PEApril_024 (2)


featuring PE3





We wish you were here and enjoy your shopping! :)



  • Melis Crazy Shop: Ripped Skirt, Blazer, Glittery top and Clodette Heels, all Maitreya fitted @ PreCast Inc. Event
  • Hair: ScalateD Andrea @ PreCast Inc. Event
  • Hair bow: BoW hAiR LiLiNe’S fAyRiE Embassy Club past gift.
  • Pearls Necklace: *AvaWay* BEATRITH Pearl Necklace @ blush Feb 2018
  • Tie collar: .SALT – BOW TIE COLLAR @ Gacha Garden Feb 2018 -gift-
  • Cigarette: [ kunst ] – Vintage Cigarette Holder @ Kustom9 March 2017


  • {anc} flottante puppy. milk . layB / withCollar @ Collabor88 August 2015
  • {what next} ‘Wish You Were Here’ Neon Wall Light pink @ Collabor88 June 2017
  • ::WetCat::&.:LEMON:.//Backdrop Scene#1 [POSES] @ Fameshed March 2017