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My dear friends, sponsors, followers, collaborators. … I have, sadly, to announce that this page might be vanishing in very few weeks. I got a not free plan at WordPress to work al the project I had in mind, but as some of you may know, I’ve been having some RL health issues that forced me to leave my work in April last year, and I am not able anymore to maintain the page, this same health issues involve episodes of hight emotional stress, anxiety and panic attacks which I’ve been dealing for a long time now, and are the reason for what I’m not so commited with the work here. I do apologize if it’s been causing any kind of setback to any of you.

Last thing that has make me force to work on change my mind set and work on learning take things more easy, for my own well being, is that last month I needed go to hospital with an hipertensive crissis, also caused by my hight stress, and that seems I’ve been having for a long time with no treatment.

Now is hard, but with meds, and focusing myself in things that keep my mind busy in a serene and positive way, I begin to feel some better. Some of you know I begun a new project, kinda different, which center is a place I’d build with the help of some dear friends, where I’d put -tried- the best of my energies and that feels somehow healing to me. I’ve also open it as public, just ’cause if it makes me feel well, if it helps me, that it could maybe help others too, to feel and hare the peace and serenity.

I may keep working in photography and posting, time to time, but right now I can’t commit to deal with timelines and schedules and expectations, I so much hope you can understand it. So, I may keep doing it, when it feels and ’cause I so much love it, in the new web I created for Dreamers & Co. and which I invite you all to visit and learn a bit about the project there, and even visit us inworld, and which althougth is a little place, I’ve put my core in it.

I want say thank you so very much, for all the people who has been holding and supporting me, I know I’ve not been any easy, and also for sponsors, who althought I’ve not even feel to talk much about my reasons, have been allowing my “quietness” and long pauses, with patience, and keeping me as part of their blogging team. <3 I really so much apreciate it.

As you may understand, also the Bang! Bulletin group and project inworld will be paused, or maybe disappear in a future. In Dreameers and Co. you’ll can also join inworld group and/or subscriber.

So well… not much more to tell. Just that if some of you are interested in keep contact with me, and tunned about what is going, you can always write to my mail, or contact me inworld (jeantte reinoir),  or my personal facebook and flickr will stay active too.

Thanks so much to all of you



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