Dancing all night long… like there is no tomorrow.

On the rooftop
Surrounded by the stars and the views hot
Ain’t nobody thinking ’bout what you got
Everything’s ours, wanna dip? Get a new spot, Yeah
Don’t worry, don’t worry
The night never ends, no hurry no hurry
Shorty look thick and the lines get blurry
And the nights in your palm so we might get dirty
DJ, let the beat play, make a heat wave, when you replay this
Tonight we gone party like its d-day
Young and free saying this the one on my CK shit
The Moon is the light
Sky is the ceiling
The low is the base and the high is the feeling
The world is the club, all in cause we can
This’ one for the books don’t worry bout a thang

Madcon feat Ray Dalton – Don’t worry

Sometimes it is needed to push everything at a side and take a pause, and breath deep, and close your eyes to just be conscious of the present moment.
And it is good, let the music flow with in and absorbed through your soul and take the ride as it moves you. And then spin , spin and dance, up and down, just like it’s possible, like if there is no tomorrow!.

I’ve dress up with one of the last creations by Rayns, it’s N16, kinda sexy in its lace style, and fitting perfectly to my clubbing mood. I’m wearing also another of the last tattoos by Vegas, the Ghost ship, both creators being pretty creative lately, and so artful.



  • Dress: Rayns – No16 Lacedress COLORPACK
  • Tattoo: .: Vegas :. Tattoo Applier Ghost Ship 44
  • Hair: TRUTH VIP Reyane -Sep ’18-
  • Boots: CandyDoll Mystie Boots – Light Colors
  • Shadows: Toro. Clubmaster Shades {Wearable}
  • Dances: Move!
  • Location: Star Dust Disco-club @ The Whale
  • Music: 

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