Best things in life

“Life of joy we have around us
Talkin’ about life, we got what it takes
We got the sun, the moon and stars, they all for free
So all we need is health, strength and prosperity, let the light shine
Breezes blowin’ the children come out to play
The best t’ing, the best t’ing in life are free
Listen to de birds, how they’re singin’
With love and harmony they fly around
The swallow in their holes are singin’ you their song, too
So the whole atmosphere just sound great
Breezes blowin’ so children come out to play
The best t’ing, the best t’ing in life are free……”

The Gladiators
The best things in life


Been thinking a lot about how to introduce my new post, but best thing always, when mood allows, is just take a thought and let things flow and come together… like this time. I saw the notice that PreCast Event will be closing when it finishes on Saturday, and I don’t feel it “a work”, it’s been kinda part of me, since it’s been really great working with Lil and all the team and designers, sadly this month it’s not been possible to me share everything I would, but really! I loved so many of the items and I need say congrats to every one of the creators, and THANKS! for allow us being creative and free in our personal way to try to give our best.

I felt to make it a kind of celebration, ’cause this is life! And you never know where and when the best things will come, so.. best way is just try to enjoy every wave as it comes, play with it, have some laughs… and share with those who are dear to us.

I got Revo, Lan and Step to share and pose with me, and bring to you, if I’m able, a bit of this feeling. For those who don’t know, Lan & Step are just alters/models of us who we’re using to model in the pics and allow me to feature more variety of styles and give me versatility in my work, styling for guys, other bento bodies and heads, showing out several outfits in same pic, male, female, and even we have in the back stage the 2 kids in the family, which are so much willing to help adding their own vision, always trying to make it in syntony.

Credits in these pics:

On nette:

Items from PreCast Inc. Event Septembre round (Closes on Saturday 15th, please come to check and don’t miss anything before it goes):

  • {Flair ‘n’ Style} Glitter {1} Spray can

The Spray cans come in several colors set, to hold or rez versions, as well as holding bento pose.

{Flair 'n' Style} Fatpack Spray can

  • {LBB} PRINCESS GACHA – ROLLER SKATES (Lan is also wearing them, so I’ll not list again later. More items in the gacha:

  • Melis Crazy Shop – Brenda”Suit Maitreya

Brenda Suit  Dunja Heels w Huds

On Lan:

  • #Boutique 25 – Lucy Ruffle Skirt * Cake *

#Boutique 25 - Lucy Ruffle Skirt

  • SySCa Top Sporty Light 1

On Stepfinos:

  • Ascend – Gift Pullower Fatpack *Very Limited Time* (Celebrating their 2000 followers on their Facebook Page. Also Gift for the girls!, to take from their Marketplace)


  • MINIMAL – Instagram Background *5*
  • ninety- backdrop Street [ gift ]
  • ionic : 19th Century Street Lamp
  • Ariskea[Shy] Ivy Old window [ Summer]
  • Nutmeg. Our Dacha Moments Tricycle Black
  • Soy. Potted Olive Tree
  • ionic : 19th Century Park Bench
  • {YD} Cute tree
  • Mikunch Retro bicycle (handsome black)(rez) 7
  • Nutmeg. Bike Rack
  • Nutmeg. Rattan Tote Carry, Light Blue
  • .random.Matter. – Art Studio – Spray Paint
  • nani // neko artist // paints_(rez)
  • {anc} flottante puppy. cream (2 from the set)
  • [ west end ] Bento Poses – RAD – Skateboard – Style 1 (Rezz)

Poses used:

  • WRONG – [ west end ] – Nutmeg

And finally, but not less important! The global mood brought me to this old jewel piece: Music! – The Gladiators – The best things in life.

As a plus, and although it may feel so very out of the line of the rest of the post, I need to add this picture:

And, the reason why I want to share is that I was working hard in another setting up scene with some decoration that came all out together through the feeling I got from the items made by DD, the DD Tru Blue Double-Sided Sofa Set Adult – for the event, it was a lot of fun getting puzzle pieces and fitting them together, and I was really feeling it so comfy… until my bad! as I chose working in a sandbox ’cause I was not sure how many prims I would use, and I’d not consider the autoreturn time -sigh- it want all returned to my inv in a real mess of objects linked in groups that I not had yet the time to re-sorting and list…   this was the last “test” pic I could get.



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