Dreams in a greenhouse

“Stand in a greenhouse, pretend it’s not winter,

Smile at a stranger who’s looking alone,

Laugh at the rain as you run towards her,

Ignore the weather, just imagine your own”

Steph Phillips – Greenhouse


I like when the mood is propitius and the puzzle pieces fall together, easy and natural, and things simply come out in a special way.

That is just what happened yesterday when I’d open and checked the last release from Vegas Tattoo, Ganesha, and I got the inner feeling of what I have to do, just followed it and let it all flow, which leaded me into an amazing place to take the photos.

Few days ago I visited shortly Athenaeum, and thought it was worth a longer visit, also noticed all the place is, not only beautiful and well made, but so friendly for photographers even allowing to rez our stuff for the pics, so I felt to give it a try and walked a bit around, and got into a greenhouse which turned out to be a seed of inspiration. I really enjoyed a very good session, and I’m so happy with the result, that I can’t but share a bunch of pics, sorry… blame the magic of the place! -grins-.

This time Vegas Tattoo really made it, honest, I love the back work on this tattoo, and the touch of color. As always it’s unisex, and with appliers for all the main bodies, plus omega appliers. You’ll find it at their marketplace, follow the link for the info.

I made the rest of my look with some items I’d rescue from my inv, pasties, heels and crown are part of the set “Madame Rosier” by Violent Seduction, hair Fray v1 by Doe,  and panties “Smack that panties” by Entice.

All the rest of items in the photos I credit to the great decor work made by the people at Athenaeum. Thanks! For do it look so amazing, and for allow us enjoy it and share. <3




  • Tattoo: Vegas Tattoo, Ganesha
  • Pasties, heels and crown – “Madame Rosier” by Violent Seduction
  • Hair “Fray” v1 by Doe
  • Panties “Smack that panties” by Entice.



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