Soft dreams, pastel dreams.


When life turns hard to deal with, we have SL to make our bubble, here we can always let our problems at a side, and just enjoy as we need, while we get strength and refill energy to face everything.

This is what inspires me the new round for PreCast Event, under code: Pastel Dreams.

precastJune 2018_052

Confy and soft, dreamy pastel colors that invite your imagination to fly away into fantasies lands.

precastJune 2018_032

So let me tease you a bit and allow an early look through the key hole to next month round for PreCast Inc. Event. I choiced this time the Exclusive creation from a new brand in SL, Rayns, a new fashion project by Lil Cristole.

precastJune 2018_016



{Rayns} Sportbra & Sportskirt – COLORPACK by Lil Cristole – newconner Soon at PreCast Inc. Event June 1st to 15th

:BoWillow: NamaSlay Yoga Bag (grown) – Mustard – old – by archer candy bloodmoon (8isgreatdontblate)

REIGN.- Ballerina Warmers (M)- Flat- Ombre4 by KENADEE REIGN (kenadeecole) – old.

– TRUTH / Astra Valentines Gift by Truth Hawks – FREE GIFT at mainstore –

– 04. LAGOM – Tillys PandaCorns [Bunnycorn Headband] by Cathy Lagom Xen (zandrasnowpawsnyder) – newconner at Blush May 28th to June 25th.

– 08. LAGOM – Tillys PandaCorns [BOX!] by Cathy Lagom Xen (zandrasnowpawsnyder) – newconner at Blush May 28th to June 25th.
– 10. LAGOM – Tillys PandaCorns [Flowerrs] by Cathy Lagom Xen (zandrasnowpawsnyder) – newconner at Blush May 28th to June 25th.
Kalopsia – Kali’s Yoga Ball by Isabeau Baragula – Old –
The Loft – Yoga Mat by Colleen Desmoulins – Old –
Kalopsia – Kali’s Shelf by Isabeau Baragula – Old –
Kalopsia – Kali’s Weights by Isabeau Baragula – Old –
floorplan. ballet barre decor (short) by Tegan Serin
The Loft – Yoga Sculpture by Colleen Desmoulins – Old –
Violetility – Ex Box [Bye Kawaii] by Gwen Ferox (violetile) newconner at Blush May 28th to June 25th.
Kalopsia – Kali’s Bag by Isabeau Baragula – Old –
Sari-Sari – Yoga Mat Shelf by Sari-Sari – Yoga Mat Shelf
Sari-Sari – Wall Bench by Sari-Sari – Yoga Mat Shelf
BoWillow: : Product Box by archer candy bloodmoon (8isgreatdontblate)


Poses Foxcity and An Lar

Teleports to:

{Rayns} * PreCast Inc. Event

An Lar * Blush * :BoWillow: * floorplan * Foxcity

Kalopsia * REIGN.Sari-SariThe LoftTRUTH




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