20180404: Mexic


Hello everybody!. This time I want introduce a new section we’ll have from now on. I’ve decide call it Bang! Code, and it comes from a game that Babs and me found out we are enjoying so much.


Many times my mind works like a puzzle maker. It gets ideas as images that are like little piezes of a big mess (grins) and then there comes the fun, trying to put all them together and make a whole thing.


In the worst of my creative process, I would tell Babs “Mom, I got a puzzle…” and she that loves so much decorating, runs to help put pieces and bits filling the mess. I think we are kind of a great team working together! Well, at least we have a lot of fun.


So this is what came out when I said “Code: Mexic!”, and I begun throwing around pieces from my inventory, and Babs came with some more.

Both of us put drops here and there… and voilà!



I hope you enjoy this little travel to the rural Mexic!

The whole pics on flickr

Location: our own parcel


06) Zinnias Aztec cactus Pot
Zinnias Tall enamelled candlestick
Zinnias Sitting Chicken
Zinnias Solaria Summer Shelf
Zinnias Vintage Poster-Xochimilco
Zinnias Majolica Bowl of Eggs
Zinnias Mexican Nicho Vintage Madonna – fixed!
Zinnias Solaria Ochre Ladder
Zinnias Saguaro Cactus
10) Zinnias Engraved Cactus Bowl
Zinnias Decorative Guitar
Zinnias Pecking Chicken dark
Zinnias La Hacienda Funky Armchair
Zinnias Ojala Umbrella
Zinnias Saguaro Cactus
Zinnias Emerald Garland
Zinnias Ruby Garland w/ shadow
Zinnias “Verano” Draped Ceiling Decor – Summer
Zinnias Ojala Lacquered Hall Stand
Zinnias Lomita Candle Lantern azul
Zinnias Lomita Candle Lantern chili
Zinnias Dia de los Muertos Skull

ionic : Tinaja by lakua Arriaga
ionic : Huevos, cebollas, cazos y ollas by lakua Arriaga
ionic : Puerta al jardin (2) by lakua Arriaga
ionic : Fuente de Primavera
ionic : Campanario

[Merak] – Drying Chillies
[Merak] – Hanging Garlic
[Merak] – Flying curtain 1
[Merak] – Flying curtain 2
[Merak] – Garden Escape

4.Sese – Farm Market – White egg carton box by Stella Sangria
10.Sese – Farm Market – Hen with cage by Stella Sangria
11.Sese – Farm Market – Chicks with cage by Stella Sangria

  • {vespertine} by m o c h i. (amelie.knelstrom) @ mainstore:

succulent terrarium / type 1
bubble succulent terrarium / type 2

Stone Ruins Path – Little Curve
Stone Ruins Path – U-Turn

small spaces kitchen
wood stove . white

Nona’s Succulent Orange
Wellies. Warm Pack

Oasis Bloom – Succulent Planter

Goat – Mesh – Full Perm

Cactus Full perm – 1LI


Mail box – Green

  • GA UNI by Amélie Lacroix (amberly.boccaccio) @ mainstore:

13. Petite Cuisine – Stove -old gacha at The chapter four Nov ’17

*AF* Log Planter – Mixed Succulents by Art (artizanmesh) item collected at The Imaginarium Sept ’17

  • .:Bee Designs:. by Bee Caudron Law (bee.caudron) @ main store:

Viva Mexico! Gacha Mexican doll-Sitting – item collected at Sanarae August ’17

24_8f8 – New Beginnings – Pottery Shelf -gacha item-

LONG GRASS * Wild Sword * Scattered * TransMod 12

WildGrasses -green- c

LB_RainbowTree{Animated}4Seasons  (2)

Bicycle Red + Milk Bottles Crate COMMON -gacha item

  • Myth by Shay McAuley

Myth – Gardenbed Daisies (Gift) – group gift at Redeux April 2018 (free to join)

  • JIAN by JIAN (jiansl) @ store:

JIAN Playtime Piglets 7. Pink Wanderer – gacha item olt Arcade Sept 2017

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