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March begins and brings us a lot of newness!, so I’ve decided keep calm and don’t panic! *smiles*  (*1)

A lot of events will make us crazy around, I know, but I would recomend to make some time and take a look to PreCAST Inc. Event, a new brand event which begins today and will run through March 15th. I think it is a great ocasion to discover some creators designers that you maybe not heard about: (*2)

PE2Snapshot_050 (2) teaser 2.jpg

PF | HJM Designs | Dreamland Design | Loki | Cystal | [DC] Dragoria Creation | [Amania] Design | ShitStorm Tattos | Sage | Enigma Apparel | Dreamcatcher | Sterni´s Nail design | .EscalateD. | Jupiter Store | anny´s Fashion  | Tiar | #Cranked# | REZZ ROOM | [Clever Language] | WitchCraft | Melis Crazy Shop | Just for Fuck | The little Bat | crazy.sexy | Haven Poses | Emerald Couture | [Amania] Poses | BlackCat | Sexy Princess|



I’ve been checking and trying on some of the amazing things I’ve find there, lucky Revo was around to hold me doing a big mess! So fun, this pose from one of the creators HAVEN POSES, and the really sexy body I’m wearing is from Sexy Princess.






At the event you may find everything from shapeslike this Darla Bento for Catya, made by Clever Language, poses, fashion and decor items, also gifts and even gacha.

Don’t miss to visit it!


More items that I am wearing:

Pic 1: Outfit -Warmers, pants and top- by PF *PreCast Inc. Fashion* and shape Darla by Clever Language

Pic 2: Sport outfit Rina -panties and top- by Cranked and warmers by PF


PE INFO:  T A X I  /  website  /  Facebook / Flickr /


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