2k17Nov2: Deco *Seasonal corner*


Fall in love

Revo and me decided remake our home and make it with calm all ours. He kindly allows me to mess around with my ideas, and I have to thank him for being so patient with all the moving stuff always in middle… I guess I have nothing of an organized person ^^

But bit a bit the place comes having some corners finished, and we are so proud and happy with the results. We had the idea to make one of the corners inside our house a seasonal corner, where we’ll be changing scene along the year. I had the privilege to build our first, Fall corner. And here I want share it, and tips for the items I used.

I had so much fun, digging in inv, mixing and messing… and I wish you like the result.


For decor:

CJ Creations: CJ Harvest Gardenbasket with Pumpkins + Flowers + pretty Cat,

CJ Creations: CJ Creations Gift 0 L / Harvest or Halloween + Couple Pumpkin

Dust Bunny: dust bunny . harvest . haybale

[Krescendo]: [Kres] Fall in Love – 7 (past gacha item)

HPMD: HPMD* Halloween Scarecrow A (Group Gift)

Moon Amore: :Moon Amore: Flying Leafs (addme or rexxme)

*Note: Some of the items used in the scene have been rescued from my inv, and they may not be available at this moment, I’m sorry if it’s the case.



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