Indigenous Cultures – Immersive Exhibition – Opening April 9 2017, 5pm SLT

After 10 years at the head of Mystic Academy, the largest spiritual group in Second Life with more than 2500 Members, Dragon Shichiroji and Venus Kaur its founders, have decided to challenge themselves with a new artistic and educational project that surpasses Any creation they have made so far.


Together with a group of enthusiastic collaborators and volunteers, Dragon and Venus have recreated several scenarios based on stories and myths of indigenous cultures, engulfed in a fascinating immersive adventure, in which the participant becomes an explorer, discovering and learning, through Different tests along the way.

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Part of VWBPE (Virtual Worlds Best Practices in Education), Immersive Exhibition – Indigenous Cultures, located at the headquarters of Mystic Academy , offers us the possibility to learn in a dynamic and immersive way, on diverse indigenous mythology and wisdom, as well as to extend the perspective of the common universal themes in the mythology and to foment a greater appreciation and respect for the international diversity.

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A walk through the cultures Native American, Peru, Vedic and Aboriginal.


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