2ndShare: A new social network for Second Life residents births today.

I am very pleased to announce the birth of a new social network for Second Life residents.

This project has seen the light thanks to its creator, Alexandra Barcelos, a young entrepreneur 22 years old, in addition to this new website is also owner and creator of Filthy Skins.

Alexandra explains:

2ndShare is 100% free social network for Second Life residents.
Come meet and chat with interesting people from around the world.
2ndShare Makes It Easier to socialize with the Vast Second Life community.
Share and rate pictures, videos and blogs. Customize your own profile.Create your own groups or post up coming events. There’s so much to do and more. Join now!”

In its first hours of life, several Second Life residents are joining the project. Don’t get left behind!

From Bang! Bulletin we wish the best for Alexandra and her new project.

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