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New group logo:

Yesterday I felt in the mood to test my skills photoshoping ^^ Well, I may say always I do this is most like playing, testing this and that without know too good what I’m doing, leting it flow from inside… and this time I got this. Liked it enough, so Bang! Bulletin has a new image for inworld group and profiles.

I hope you like it as I do. It’s simple… but dunno, somehow it gives me a good feeling :)

Blogs/web Directory:

I got ready with the blogs/web directory section, and also the for. So this is also a call for bloggers and every body in general who want have their SL related Blog/Web Page listed here.

To see the section here.

To fill the form to be listed here.

SL General Directory & info:

This is most a remind, ’cause I already told about this other Directory. I’d listed the first designer that filled the form, to show what the idea is. 9 more designers filled the form too until now, and I’m working to have them listed soon :) but I would like to have info about other things, Galleries, Clubs, Musicians, artists, exhibits, sims, hunts, events…  This directory has a “page/post” for each, where you’ll can find all info about it -SLURL, webpage, marketplace and other medias, logo, owner/creator, some image showing their work, etc.-. To be listed in all the directories here has not any charge, it’s free, and just a way to let people know what SL offers.

The Form to send your info.

That’s all for now.



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