Born to dream – Editorial: Introduction

Every newspaper worth its salt has an editorial, and we are not going to be  any different. So far I have not written one, so this will serve as an introduction, albeit a bit late.

I’ve always had a passion for the word, since I was a child, first reading everything that fell into my hands, sometimes in secret because my curiosity and my need to learn, yes, sometimes I need more the word than the air I breathe, put my hands on books that my parents are not considered suitable for my age: when I was 9 -10 years, I surrendered to the gift of Tolstoy and Shorojov, for example, reading their works under the covers in the light of a lantern morning, while my classmates, if they did the same thing, was to read comics. 

Over time I learned to turn those words that others wrote in images in my mind and feelings that enriched and nourished my soul, and I think that’s how I became a dreamer. And the next step was the need to put into words my own dreams and feelings.

I do not consider myself a writer, I am not constant. In fact I like to call myself a juggler of words and sentiment.

I created stories, I poured my feelings into poems, I let my feelings flow and allowed it to become the main feature of my character, and then the stark reality fell on me, taking me by surprise. Like most dreamers, life hits me every day. For several years I locked in myself and I learned to survive as I could, hiding behind walls with trying to contain the damage, but my efforts only served to become a shadow of myself, full of fears and complexes. I lost my dreams and most of my life energy to be correct but I did not learn to fight against my nature and for some months I am getting my will to live, to dream, to free my soul from the cage it was in.

This magazine is my command, and although I started cautiously, with small steps on tiptoe, and sometimes I think I have a hard road ahead, I put all my hopes on it. I hope to convey to these little pieces of me. Share with you this dream.

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