Special: The Unknown Hunt Spring I

Missing only two days to start one of my favorite hunts and you can feel the excitement in the air.

I did not want this blog to be another of the blogs that exists on the network dedicated to fashion in SL, partly because many of these bloggers do a lot better than me, but I wanted to report some of what happens in our world, and above all, write about what I think is important and I like it, so our first special is dedicated to The Unknown Hunt Spring 2011.

This is the third edition of this hunt, organized by Evelyn Hartshon, and she says in its blog:

“There are so many hunts in SL that have the same stores participating in them. For me it sometimes gets a little boring going to the same stores all the time. The aim of the hunt is to introduce hunters to new stores that they haven’t been to before!”.

In addition to this and what I personally find most interesting is that this is a great opportunity for new designers, making it easier for people starting to make known their creations and their stores for a large number of people.

From next Saturday 1st and throughout the month of April tie your shoes and enjoy this event!

Here you can find the list of participating stores:  The Unknown Hunt Spring: Participating Stores!.

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