_:News:_ 0205-11


Ok, guys… you all have me really impressed, and I want to thank you all and share some good things.

The inworld group got more than 38 joins in its first day!

The Flickr group reached more than 132 joins in just few hours, and I’m getting messages as it seams this project interests to many of you and wishing good luck.

And this blog got 113 hits today until now… wow.

After this, just to say that Synopsis SL is done inworld, it’s in Spanish and you can find in it really great work of all the team. Interviews, articles and stories, all set with amazing photos. If someone want the magazine inworld, it’s free, just contact me, Roze Clary or Barrett Hawks and we’ll send. And in few more time you’ll can check it in web Synopsis SL. And I’ll post here the interview in English tomorrow night :)

Thanks so much to all you!


jeanette reinoir

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