Hi you all!

I have some fresh news for you :)

First I want to tell is that I created today the Bang!  Bulletin inworld group. Or you can join it checking my profile groups in Second Life, it is free. I’ll be throwing notices inworld time to time.

I created a Flickr group too, called Bang! Bulletin where all the photos used in this blog will be posted.

And third notice I have for you all, that keeps me so excited, is that -not much in time again, sorry Roze & Barrett- I finished my work for the Spanish Synopsis Magazine for this month, and I don’t tell to whom, as I think it will be running out this weekend and you can wait and see the surprise, but I did something really new for me, an interview, and it is to someone very known in SL and out. Smiles Who? Ah… you’ll have to wait a little more. (he he)

The thing is that this interview was for long in my head, and it’s for several reasons very important for me, plus… I had to do it in English, it was my first WORK like this, and then try to translate to Spanish as accurate as I was able. And now that I see how it looks, I feel so happy, I still can’t believe at all I could do it -lol- and yes… I feel so damn proud myself and so so grateful to my interviewed ’cause made this so special :)

So, as I had talk with Barrett and I just need my interviewded consent (edited Saturday: Now I can say for sure I can post it here -he he-), I’ll inaugurate this Bulletin with the English and original version of the interview. It will be after Synopsis Feb. edition release, which will be so soon!


jeanette reinoir

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