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A long way back

Septembre is here and it’s to me a month which talks about transition. The summer goes and begins the time of the falling leaves, the rain drops on the windows and the ritual dances of the umbrellas on the streets. Summer is lazy to me in SL, as profiting to do a lot of things …




Bang Guide

Bang! SL Guide

*Would you like your within Second Life business, exhibit, sim… to be listed here?

It is free, we are not going to charge you to be listed here.

Fill this FORM and we’ll check and add.

What to do in Second Life, what to visit, where buy or dance or hang out and hear best music; who are the musicians, artists, the best art exhibits. Where to buy and what to find in each store, which services you can find in SL and what they offer…

We want make a complete SL Guide, and it’s free to be listed here. You just have to fill a form, and tell us what you do, which is your business, what people who visit your place can find and why it would be worth to do,  send the form and we’ll list you* in the guide and set a section with complete info about.








Name: dixmix

Website: http://www.dixmixgallery.xyz

Bang! is a different idea in SL to promote events: 360° promotion, in world but also in all different social medias. Nette’s serious and friendly, it’s a pleasure to work with. Thank you

July 11, 2018