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2k17Dec2: Bang! recommends December Delights

I am really impatient and excited because today is the premiere of the new show of the company The Monarchs. A few months ago Revo invited me to see their show Atlantis Rising, and I was so amazed and impressed that I decided to write an article about them, unfortunately it was not possible for …

2k17Dec1: Winter postcards

It’s funny how this approaching time of year seems to fill our spirits with joy, magic, color and love. Today I wanted dress our place with a bit of this magic, and I went to visit one of my favorite events where I found my inspiration seed to make this pic as winter postcard. Decor …

2k17Nov2: Deco *Seasonal corner*

Fall in love Revo and me decided remake our home and make it with calm all ours. He kindly allows me to mess around with my ideas, and I have to thank him for being so patient with all the moving stuff always in middle… I guess I have nothing of an organized person ^^ …






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